Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cascading Glitter

Nude: Nail inc.
Glitter: Claires ( not nail glitter )

I am no longer behind with the nail posts as these are my current designs, a bit out grown now so expect a new post soon -ish. You know what i'm like for posting loads one week then not again for donkeys years. I love these nails because they go with everything and are quite chic. 

This is quite easy to do, all it is is 2 layers of my colour, in this case nude, and whilst the top coat is still wet, dabbing glitter from the pot onto the bottom of the nail using my finger. No wacky methods here ;)  Then to keep the glitter on, just use a topcoat. Mine is from Rimmel London.  

Hope everyone's weeks aren't too dreadful and are staying relatively dry ;)



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